Settling in

It’s become a habit of mine to focus on negatives and risks. I think it comes from a somewhat nervous disposition. I was a shy child, at six already falling into the ‘caretaker’ role – bringing Mum my teddy bear to soothe her heartbroken sobs after a late night phone call from a bad-news boyfriend. Smiling through the tightness in my stomach as my Dad clutched my hand, walking me to the door of the bus. Time always ran out fast on Sundays, signalling the end of every-second-weekend-with-Dad.

Coming over here I naturally had fears. None of them came to pass. Things have turned out really pretty great. I’ve found work, and never been unemployed for more than a few weeks. I have people here that care about me, and a couple of scruffy animal friends that recognise me too. Sometimes home can feel like owning a library card, and having a local fish and chipper.
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