I’ve recorded a podcast about moving to New Zealand

With 2018 looming on the horizon, I decided it was time to start writing down my adventures in my new home country: Aotearoa, the Land of the Long White Cloud. A year and a half ago I made a leap in the dark; I left my steady job and gave up my apartment in Melbourne, to reinvent my life in New Zealand. It’s a move I have never regretted, although there have been times when starting over felt like the hardest climb I’ve ever done. Earthquakes, job changes, snow, rain, tears, panic attacks, boils (ick)…the universe has thrown a few challenges my way. But there’s also been so much wonder and discovery also, and I feel humbled and blessed to call Christchurch my home (for better and for worse). So here is my podcast – called ‘Firmly on Shaky Ground’ – and I’d be honoured if you had a listen to my first episode.



2 thoughts on “I’ve recorded a podcast about moving to New Zealand

  1. Dear Tamsin, I really enjoyed your podcast. I remembered back to when we were in Twizel not so long ago and I could visualise the landscape. Also your wonderful description of Christmas lunch, I could smell the turkey and taste the pavlova! I am so pleased you are enjoying your change of environment. Lots of love Janet


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